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Have you ever felt like Sarah?

Every day, Sarah woke with a simple question echoing in her heart: "How can I be the hands and feet of Jesus today?" It became her daily mantra, guiding her actions and interactions.

One morning, while walking to work, Sarah noticed a homeless man sitting alone on a bench, shivering in the cold. Ignoring the hustle of the city, she approached him with a warm smile. Taking off her coat, she gently wrapped it around him, offering a kind word and a simple prayer.

At work, Sarah listened attentively to her coworker who was going through a tough time. Instead of rushing through her tasks, she took the time to offer encouragement and support, reminding her colleague of God's unfailing love.

During her lunch break, Sarah volunteered at a local soup kitchen, serving meals to those in need. She engaged in conversation with the guests, treating each person with dignity and respect, recognizing the divine spark within them.

In the evening, Sarah visited a nursing home, spending time with the elderly residents who often felt forgotten. She held their hands, listened to their stories, and prayed with them, bringing comfort and companionship.

Then, Sarah began thinking about the societal systems at play which help and harm those who are marginalized in a mainstream culture. She quickly realized that she wanted to take a deeper dive in her faith with her civic engagement to organize and mobilize with her legislators, faith leaders, and community advocates who also care about their community. Sarah was grateful to connect with the SC Christian Action Council.

The SC Christian Action Council is the pillar organization equipping you and people like Sarah to educate and bring awareness with advocacy and compassion.

As she lays down to sleep each night, Sarah reflects on how combining charitable works with advocacy might make it so that soup kitchens and other service agencies are a thing of the past. Your donation today will support the advocacy needed to eliminate injustice and inequity across South Carolina and beyond.